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Welcome to the official Fanshawe TV website! Our campus television station and website are managed and operated entirely by the students in the Broadcasting - Television program in our Online Media Department.  Here you will find current content on Fanshawe TV, as well as contests, promotions, contact information and much more! 



Fanshawe TV’s Capstone Project is a culmination of the skills, abilities, and hard work of every Broadcasting student. Each student was asked to write, produce, shoot, and finalize a video of their own choice that would highlight their abilities. Here you will find creative shorts, heartfelt documentaries, and experimental films that express the creativity and diligence of all of Fanshawe TV’s Broadcasting Students.

FanshaweTV Presents: The Capstone

Nothing Left by Matt Watson

Pleasant Facade by Neil Novoselac

Mop Ties by Nick Vallejo

Glassbones by Brienne Boucher

Changing Horizons by David Brown

Behind the Director by Kaine Faubert

Creeper by Noah Goldentuler

Get Rich Quick by Ben Timms