Waves Freelance Production

October 23th, 2013

Hey Fanshawe! Two of our TV students, Eshaan and Riccardo are producing a new freelance production called Waves! It is a short sci-fi film about a young man with telekinetic powers.

They are still looking for a couple of actors who would be willing to fill the role of the Agent (main character) aged mid 20s to late 30s and two thugs. The Agent is a man who works for the government and is dialogue heavy. The thugs are thieves who break into Judd’s (the young man with telekinesis) house and try to rob him; this role contains little to no dialogue. 

If you’re interested in partaking in this journey, contact Eshaan at e_gupta@fanshaweonline.ca. Filming begins Monday October 28th, 2013! 

Stay classy, Fanshawe.