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Brain Busters

Matt Brickman


Have you ever wondered if there is life on other planets??? Well the latest edition of Brain Busters went around Fanshawe to ask if anyone here believes in aliens. Some people are hard-core believers, and others not so much. This video was produced by Nathan Tong. 

Perfect timing for this video as this weekend was the 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who television series. This is obviously fiction, but the doctor traverses the galaxy, exploring many universes from the past, present, and future. He constantly protects the human race from alien attacks, and sometimes the aliens from human attacks. Maybe we have our own protector that we don’t even know about, then again, maybe not. Regardless of the fact that there has not been much proof of life on other planets, it is still something fun to believe in! The universe is infinite; do you think we are alone? 

You can watch Brain Busters here:

Stay classy Fanshawe!