2014 Grammy Awards

Equality has been a running issue for a while now and Macklemore took it upon himself to bring it to light at the 2014 Grammy awards this past Sunday. He had a very touching performance in which 30 couples tied the knot. The couples consisted of interacial, same sex, and opposite sex marriages, and were wed by Queen Latifa to a crowd of screaming supporters. The performance was to show that love knows no boundaries, and with Macklemore this was made possible. 

The rest of the Grammys went well, but we can’t talk about the Grammys without mentioning Beyonce’s performance. Obviously it was as stunning as she is and continued to show her unbelievable talent. 

If you haven’t and you’d like to see Macklemore’s performance, here’s a link:


If you haven’t seen Beyonce’s performance either, or have and just want to see it again here’s the link:


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