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Welcome to the official Fanshawe TV website! Our campus television station and website are managed and operated entirely by the students in the Broadcasting - Television program in our Online Media Department.  Here you will find current content on Fanshawe TV, as well as contests, promotions, contact information and much more! 


Fanshawe Spotlight Student: Carolyn Irwyn

Matt Brickman

Carolyn Irwin is a fourth year Media Theory and Production student from Calgary, Alberta. Carolyn is a Disney fanatic with a soft spot for country music and man-buns. She has a bad case of wanderlust and a love of all things to do with the beach and the ocean.

Carolyn is our Spotlight Student of the week and has answered some questions about herself for us to get to know her better

Fact About Yourself:
Antarctica is the only continent I have not been to yet!

Favourite TV Show:
Prison Break.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring three items with you, what would you bring?
After recently watching Naked and Alive I have a pretty concrete answer for this one… a large machete, duct tape and a lighter.

What would be your dream internship?
My dream internship would be with Discovery Channel as I absolutely love to learn about different cultures and explore different countries and Discovery Channel would be the perfect combination of TV broadcasting and world culture!

Where do you hope to be in five years?
It’s hard to predict where the future will take me, especially working in such an exponentially growing, unpredictable industry as television. I hope that someday this business will take me overseas so that I can document different cultures and travel destinations that will encourage vacationing that is beneficial to the local environment and help their culture to flourish, rather than staying in an all inclusive resort, I would encourage travel destinations that not only give you the real, off the beaten track experience, but also provide opportunities to volunteer your own time and expertise to benefit the local lifestyle.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?
I have been lucky enough to move all around the world as I grew up, living in England, Scotland and Australia were absolutely amazing experiences. Australia was my favourite place and I wouldn’t hesitate in returning there!