Olympic Week!

Well the Olympics have come again and it’s sure to be as exciting and extraordinary as ever! Opening ceremonies start on February 7th, where billions of people all over the world will come together to watch an exciting show. 

The Olympics unite the world for peaceful competition. First up on Saturday February 8th is the mens’ Biathlon sprint, the ladies’ Skiathalon, Figure Skating Dances, Freestyle Skiing, Womens prelims Ice Hockey, men singles Luge, Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, and Speed Skating.

While the sports are obviously what you watch the Olympics for, pay attention to those behind the scenes! There are hundreds of media personal who work hard to capture the increadible moments you see at home on your TV screen. 

Go Canada Go!

PS: Don’t forget to visit us in H-Siskind gallery this week 10am – 2pm.