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Oscars 2014

Matt Brickman


The 2014 Academy Awards aired on Sunday with Ellen Degeneres as host. There were many exciting things to happen and many fantastic films as well as actors were celebrated. A few of the best moments: Ellen managed to crash Twitter with a selfie of her with a bunch of stars who went; Jennifer Lawrence managed to fall on the red carpet yet again; Benedict Cumberbatch scored an amazing photobomb with U2; and poor Leonardo DiCaprio failed to receive an Oscar yet again (sorry Leo). 

There were lots of performances as well, including the Oscar winning song ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen sung by Idina Menzel. Unfortunatly it began with a rocky start as John Travolta called her Adele Dazeém and as the song began… Something did not feel quite right. Despite that, the performance was enjoyable, and the performances from P!nk, Pharrel Williams, Karen O, and U2 were all fantastic! 

What performance was your favourite? Did your Oscar Winner picks win? Do you think Matthew McConaughey deserved the Oscar over Leo? And as always, what did you think of the camera work? Let us know @FanshaweTV or on our Facebook page!

Check out the Oscar performances here!