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Welcome to the official Fanshawe TV website! Our campus television station and website are managed and operated entirely by the students in the Broadcasting - Television program in our Online Media Department.  Here you will find current content on Fanshawe TV, as well as contests, promotions, contact information and much more! 


Welcome back, you HOOLIGANS

Matt Brickman

Bundle up baby because it's cold outside.

Winter might have finally arrived, but that doesn't mean 2016 can't be full of possibility! It's going to be super cool at the Funshawe and lucky for you, FanshaweTV is rearing to go!

There's a ton of interesting programming locked up right now just itching to be released and while we can't disclose exactly what we've got in store for you (that's for you to watch and find out!) we can toss a few buzzwords your way if that's what'll tide you over.

Our programming in 2016 is:

  • innovative
  • experimental
  • classic
  • automatic
  • supersonic
  • hypnotic
  • funky fresh

Let's just say, you're gonna wanna brace yourself for one wild winter with FTV, folks. So

Bundle up baby because it's cold outside.