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Welcome to the official Fanshawe TV website! Our campus television station and website are managed and operated entirely by the students in the Broadcasting - Television program in our Online Media Department.  Here you will find current content on Fanshawe TV, as well as contests, promotions, contact information and much more! 



The Pilot Project is a project for all Fanshawe Broadcasting students. In groups, all students were asked to write, produce, shoot, and finalize the pilot episode of a show. Shown here is a collection of our favourite works from Fanshawe TV’s Broadcasting students.

FanshaweTV Presents : The Pilot

Canadian Boarder by Maria Gondola, Edwin Devine, Adrianna Wynia, Jameel Bapoo

Song - “Oh…Canada” by Classified

How To Spy by Jamila Brown, David Brown, Neil Novoselac, Ga Young Jung

Road Hockey Dads 2K16

The Audition

In this first episode of The Audition, singer-guitar player Mike goes up against another guitarist and a soccer balancing expert in an audition for a role in "The Secret Garden." Starring Mike Maddigan, Jacob Atkinson, Susan Pertout, Boris Pertout, Jon Mao, and Lowgan Pertout. Produced by Rachel Masse. Directed by Lowgan Pertout. All rights reserved to Fanshawe Television.


Host Bruce Johansan introduces three short stories following a weekly theme. This episode's theme is "technology." The stories include cell phone reliance, video games, and data providers. Starring Matthew Maccarone, Drew Izzard, Destin Baillangeon, Max Dow, Zack Lepore, Jim Leatherland, Matthew Jaekel, Rob Small, and Allisa Lauricella. Produced and Directed by Zack Lepore, Matthew Maccarone, and Jim Leatherland. All rights reserved to Fanshawe Television.

Keeping Kasey

Nora Ambrose, beloved wife to Jay and mother to Kasey, is stalked by an old classmate named Charlotte. Charlotte is obsessed with Nora and wants to be her in every way. She is determined to remove Nora and insert herself into her life. Starring Paulina Velma, Lydia Reabel, Zac Riviere, Sofia Reabel, Danae Reabel, and Lavonne Reabel. Directed by Lydia Reabel. Produced by Richie Peters, Lydia Reabel, Zac Riviere, and Brendan Polgar. All rights reserved to Fanshawe Televison.


After recovering from a car accident that left his girlfriend Sarah dead, news anchor Jon Wright returns to the station and struggles when he finds the new intern, Jill, looks identical to his lost love. Starring Brady Bartlett, Roz Harvey, Stephen Butler, Caitlin Sharkey, Kurtis Appiah-kubi, Robert Bernasch, and Nigel Campbell. Produced and directed by Kurtis Appiah-kubi, Rebecca Berlet, Cecilia Bernasch, and Stephen Butler. All rights reserved to Fanshawe Television